Contentment Creation

Utilizing synergistic practices to encompass a wholesome state of being | creation | wellness

I have been in the wellness industry since 2010, Spending a greater portion of my adult life figuring what has and hasn't worked for myself in terms of optimal wellness. We are humans living in the information age and WOAH is there so much information out here in terms of 'wellness' and 'lifestyles'. 

After seeing the benefits of having a routine of consistent practices in my life, I began to study & learn as much as I was able. I began studying on my own, with various teachers in the fields of  Aromatherapy - Movement -  Yoga Therapy - Restorative Therapies.

I became dedicated to a daily practice of living in a way that my thoughts, words & actions are all resonating from the same space. 

I've seen the way all these practices can meld together to co-create sustainable healing in a realistic and affordable way I've seen how therapeutic they can be when implemented as a lifestyle. 

I believe that when we simply have the space, the time to slow down to become aware of our current state, we are able to be open & receptive to what steps are necessary for feeling optimum wellness.

These offerings are a representation of sharing this ability we all have as humans to use our intentional mind, to find awareness in our bodies, to listen to ourselves for healing.

 Finding subtle & real connection with our bodies, our minds, our spirit

So what exactly is a Contentment Creation session?

Each session is going to be completely different based on the needs of each client!

I like to have an organic flow in terms of planning the steps necessary for each individual human on this life journey. 

I have developed the following outline and love to implement new ideas based on what YOU need! 

ContentMent Creation Sessions

Meet + Greet : Beginning in a neutral space or virtually - We will discuss the goals, needs and desires of the client in present time as well as developing a timeline and focus for the upcoming months of working together! Below are all options for each client to choose from 2-4 Monthly practice intentions. 

-Diet Evaluation + Exploration

-Essential Oil Use

-Mindfulness Implementation 

- Movement Instruction 

- Reading/ Resource list

- Stillness Perception

Pricing for Contentment Creation:

Available on a sliding scale based on the financial needs of each client! 


Ready to create a life of contentment?

We are thrilled to work together and look forward to meeting you soon! Send us a message explaining your needs + desires and we will be in touch within 2 days! 


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